Namibia 2018
View of the Arch - Spitzkoppe
Late Afternoon (Köcherbaum)
Overlooking the Trees
Aerial Structures
Afternoon Colors
Take Off - Pink Flamingos
Thirsty meeting
The Wild Thing - (Gnus)
Spitzkoppe - Arch
Orix Horizon
the Zebras
The Patterns - Sossusvlei
Springbock Surprise
Danger on the beach
On the road again
Sunset Namibia
Sossuvlei Morning
The Foreground
Tree in Colors
Wellness Elephant
View from the Arch - Spitzkoppe
The cheetah is showing up
Wild Dogs in the shadow
Sossusvlei Art
Gepard (Cheetah)
Family Meeting
The Dunes - Aerial view
The Tree in the Dunes
Changing Colors - Chamäeleon
Sandtracks in the Dune
Elephant Overlook
Pink Flamiingos
Tha shakal - on the Dunes - Aerial View
Before Sunrise - Sossusvlei
Wellness Elephant
African Wildcat
Animal Sand Art
In the mud - Elephant
Seals on the Beach
Playing with the shadow
Don't come too close!
The Dunes - Structure
Köcherbaum Landscape
Gepard (Cheetah)
On the sight...
Golden Trees in the Dunes
Oryx on the dune
First sight of a Leopard
The outlook (Mercats)
Orix Herd
First Sunshine - Sossusvlei
Gepard (Cheetah)
The Tree
Aerial View - by Helicopter
Aerial View - Helicopterflight
Lonely Place - Sossuvlei
Drinking Water
Gepard (Cheetah)
Landscape Namibia
Wild Dogs
The Night View - Spitzkoppe
Wrestling Elephants
The Eagle
The Dunes - Aerial View
Orix in the field
Surprise Cheetah
The trap of the Chamäeleon
Beautiful Colors
Thirsty Giraffe
The Snake in the Dunes
Get to gether -
Dead trees
Beautiful Lovebirds -
Early sunrise
Flying with the Flamingos
Lion's close up
The Chamäeleon in the Desert
Over the flying Flamingos - Aerial View
The Gecko in the Desert
Colorful Landscape
The Sand Art
Mysty Colors
After lunch - Lion
Favorite Cat - Cheetah
Sundowner - Love is in the Air
Gepard (Cheetah)
First Light - Sossusvlei
Golden Eye
Seeking for Water
Look in the mirror
Here comes the Light - Sossusvlei