Namibia 2018
View from the Arch - Spitzkoppe
The Dunes - Aerial View
Orix in the field
Sossusvlei Art
Changing Colors - Chamäeleon
Wellness Elephant
Sunset Namibia
Wrestling Elephants
Gepard (Cheetah)
Thirsty Giraffe
Danger on the beach
The cheetah is showing up
Early sunrise
Oryx on the dune
Seals on the Beach
Overlooking the Trees
Spitzkoppe - Arch
Sandtracks in the Dune
The trap of the Chamäeleon
Mysty Colors
Don't come too close!
Tree in Colors
In the mud - Elephant
Golden Trees in the Dunes
Late Afternoon (Köcherbaum)
Gepard (Cheetah)
The Chamäeleon in the Desert
On the sight...
Beautiful Colors
The Dunes - Structure
The Dunes - Aerial view
The Tree
The Sand Art
Gepard (Cheetah)
After lunch - Lion
Look in the mirror
The Snake in the Dunes
Here comes the Light - Sossusvlei
African Wildcat
The Night View - Spitzkoppe
Aerial View - by Helicopter
Elephant Overlook
Aerial Structures
Tha shakal - on the Dunes - Aerial View
The Patterns - Sossusvlei
Köcherbaum Landscape
Wild Dogs in the shadow
Orix Herd
Animal Sand Art
Landscape Namibia
First Light - Sossusvlei
Favorite Cat - Cheetah
View of the Arch - Spitzkoppe
Over the flying Flamingos - Aerial View
Family Meeting
Gepard (Cheetah)
Aerial View - Helicopterflight
The Eagle
Flying with the Flamingos
On the road again
Surprise Cheetah
First sight of a Leopard
Thirsty meeting
Lion's close up
The Gecko in the Desert
the Zebras
Colorful Landscape
Drinking Water
The Foreground
Lonely Place - Sossuvlei
Sundowner - Love is in the Air
Gepard (Cheetah)
Before Sunrise - Sossusvlei
Wild Dogs
Wellness Elephant
First Sunshine - Sossusvlei
Get to gether -
Orix Horizon
Pink Flamiingos
Afternoon Colors
Springbock Surprise
Playing with the shadow
The Tree in the Dunes
Dead trees
Seeking for Water
The Wild Thing - (Gnus)
The outlook (Mercats)
Sossuvlei Morning
Take Off - Pink Flamingos
Beautiful Lovebirds -
Golden Eye