Capture Botswana 2019
Aerial View - Okavango Delta
The thirsty monky
Okavango Delta Elefants
Eating Insects - Bee Eater
The Eagles Kill
Sister Act - Wild Dog Cubs
The King first...
Little hunter - big kill
Litlle Bee Eater
On the way with the Family
Loepard - after Lunch
Young and wild - Lions Cub
Close Up with respect
The Eagles Flight
Back Light Pavian
Lions Cub
Hyana Sight
The Sisters - Cubs
Aproching Elefants - black and white
The Giraffe
Over the Elefant - Aerial View
African Wild Dogs
The Race - Okawango Delta
Morning Light Monkeys
Little Jumbo
Enjoy the meal
The Boss
And action...!
Wrestling Lions
Little Crocs Rest
Take off
Lions Cub - with big kill
Have a good flight - Seaeagle
Close to the Elefant
The Shower
In Motion Lions
Walke up Beauty
Hippo Meeting
Great Meal
Der Denker - Pavian
Leopard Outlook
Wild Dog Cubs
Protecting the son
In Motion Birdie
Bee Eater Streching
The Catch
Hyppos - Arial View Okavango Delta
Leopard - very early Morning
Don't touch me
For the Dentist
Leopard - coming down
Early Morning Light
Sunrise Portrait
Leopard - up in the Tree
Leopard - redy to go
Little Owl
In the Savanna Grass
Flay away - Seaeagle
Splashing Elefant
The dust shower
Overflying the Okavango Delta
Happy Landing
Fearing Crocodile
Take off Bird
Fight or Play
The Kingfisher 3
Leopard Wildlife Botswana
Long Tail Bee Eater 2
Flower - Water - Bird
Family drinking
Long Tail Bee Eater
Hidden Hyppos
Seaeagles Rest
Running Zebra - Aerial View
Kingfischer 2
Colorful Flight
Come on - let's go
Last Light Meeting
The playing Monkeys
The cub in the mirror
The Kingfisher
The Visitor in our Camp
Leopard Posing
The Adult Wild Dog
The Elefant Family
Relaxed Beauty
Monkey - Pavian
The little wild Afrian Dog
The lonely Elefant - Arial View
The Hide
Sunset Elefant
Take off
Leopard - the beauty
Aerial Views by Helicopter
Thirsty Morning
The Bee Eaters
Fly away
Visitors in our Camp
The Elefants - last light
The big hunter
The Hug -
Outlook - Seaeagle
Bee Eaters
Aerial View