Capture Botswana 2019
Morning Light Monkeys
The Race - Okawango Delta
The Bee Eaters
Flower - Water - Bird
For the Dentist
Fearing Crocodile
African Wild Dogs
Leopard - coming down
Little Owl
The Kingfisher
The Sisters - Cubs
Leopard - redy to go
Sunset Elefant
The Visitor in our Camp
Outlook - Seaeagle
Enjoy the meal
Sister Act - Wild Dog Cubs
Aproching Elefants - black and white
Leopard Outlook
Lions Cub - with big kill
The Giraffe
Close to the Elefant
Back Light Pavian
Young and wild - Lions Cub
The little wild Afrian Dog
Seaeagles Rest
Long Tail Bee Eater
Visitors in our Camp
Take off Bird
Thirsty Morning
Leopard Posing
In Motion Lions
In Motion Birdie
The Boss
Great Meal
The big hunter
The Elefant Family
Der Denker - Pavian
The cub in the mirror
Running Zebra - Aerial View
Little hunter - big kill
Last Light Meeting
The playing Monkeys
Kingfischer 2
The Eagles Flight
And action...!
Take off
Little Crocs Rest
Splashing Elefant
Sunrise Portrait
The lonely Elefant - Arial View
Family drinking
Colorful Flight
Relaxed Beauty
Flay away - Seaeagle
Monkey - Pavian
Litlle Bee Eater
Fight or Play
Leopard - very early Morning
Leopard Wildlife Botswana
Lions Cub
Wild Dog Cubs
In the Savanna Grass
The Shower
The Elefants - last light
The Kingfisher 3
Wrestling Lions
Early Morning Light
Leopard - the beauty
Fly away
Protecting the son
Hyppos - Arial View Okavango Delta
The Adult Wild Dog
Aerial View - Okavango Delta
Leopard - up in the Tree
The thirsty monky
Overflying the Okavango Delta
Bee Eater Streching
Close Up with respect
The dust shower
Aerial View
Have a good flight - Seaeagle
Hippo Meeting
Over the Elefant - Aerial View
The Hide
Come on - let's go
Eating Insects - Bee Eater
Loepard - after Lunch
Long Tail Bee Eater 2
Bee Eaters
The Catch
Walke up Beauty
The King first...
Happy Landing
Take off
The Hug -
Hyana Sight
The Eagles Kill
On the way with the Family
Okavango Delta Elefants
Hidden Hyppos
Aerial Views by Helicopter
Don't touch me
Little Jumbo